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Increase cost efficiency, feasibility and quality between project and vendor, all on one platform.

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Your audience at your fingertips.

Zamplia is an all-in-one, API-driven platform that provides complete visibility between project and vendor, resulting in increased sample feasibility, cost efficiency and quality.

Zamplia seamless integration between project & sample source

What is Zamplia?

Find out what Zamplia can do for you.

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Run feasibility

Pull audience counts in real time from leading sample sources across the globe.


Deploy your study

At a push of a button, sample is sent to your programmed study in minutes.


Gain valuable insights from your data

Zamplia’s built-in security features ensures quality data for your project.

What Makes Zamplia Different?


Highest Quality Control

Zamplia has industry-leading quality control and fraud detection tools integrated within the platform to ensure the highest quality data. We’ve also partnered with Research Defender for added API-based quality control measures.


Cost Efficiency

Zamplia has no long-term or expensive up-front expenses to start, with no admin or PM hours added to your budget. Our automated platform delivers 20-30% discounted savings over a traditional panel relationship.


Exclusive Sample Sources

Users have access to a robust set of sample that’s not available on any other marketplace: 60% of proprietary sample in North America, with 50+ data & profiling points across your target audience.


True DIY Platform

Zamplia is ready to use right out of the gate and is entirely self-serve. Requests can be sent immediately with no review process or waiting required.


Real-Time Project Management

Zamplia allows you to view your project specifications in real time, adjust quotas and qualifications as you go, and manage sample sources and costs with ease.


Industry-Leading Security

Our LOI and country checks allow for control of completes and exclude sample that isn’t aligned with your standards. In addition, an updated captcha tool and open-ended AI question option means the highest possible security.

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